Fall Mini Session sign-up ends tomorrow!

I’m offering mini-sessions in downtown Lynchburg and am so excited to capture families in the heart of my favorite city!

Registration ends Wednesday, October 12, at 10 a.m., so don’t miss your spot! Simply click here and choose your preferred session time from the dropdown menu, it’s that easy.
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Inaugural Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival

Saturday was the inaugural Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, his vacation home nearby (random note: I have a design crush on their website–it’s so elegant!).

The day couldn’t have been more perfect: crisp blue sky, nice sunshine, amazing food and fun people! Festival organizers were overwhelmed by the turnout–every table had a crush of people tasting the local wines. I met some awesome people there–everyone was, of course, in a really good mood.

Trivia of the day: Thomas Jefferson wanted to grow his own vineyard, but the grapes didn’t take. He would have been thrilled to see the results on Saturday: delicious local wines!

And then fast forward to today’s cold rain, ugh! I had to wrap my fingers around a warm mug of coffee and pretend I was back at the festival on Saturday.

Here’s a sneak peek of the photos. A few of you might recognize a familiar face or two!