VITA Fashion Show – Spring 2011 • Lynchburg, VA Editorial Photographer

It’s been quiet around here—we enjoyed a couple of months of cuddling our sweet new baby BOY (yep!). Pics to come…but for tonight, a quick update.

We just wrapped a twelve hour day, shooting behind the scenes at VITA Fashion Show in Lynchburg. So tired…but what an amazing day! Yes, it was a bit crazy to have TODAY be our return from maternity leave, but we just had the most amazing time getting behind-the-scenes and fashion shots for all of the awesome designers!!! What an impressive team of stylists, designers, models, and of course the team at Riverviews. What an unforgettable experience.

The party was still going when we left, but we’re happy to be home with our babies, pjs on and a late night snack before sweet, delicious, blessed sleep (two hours at a time anyway). But first: while there are many more images to come, we picked four random favorite images from the day and put them on our Facebook page. Please check them out, and stay tuned for more.

MDK Studio on Facebook.

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