A girl & her horse, revisited…


Remember Alex? And Nassau? And that gorgeous Sweet Briar Campus?


It’s been a little hectic around here. My family came down with The Flu last month, and things don’t quite feel back to normal yet.

We’re mostly all better (except now it’s seasonal colds, yuck), but we’re still catching up around the studio! Thankfully my hubby is the greatest and watched our sweet girl most of the weekend so I could escape in my fort with my Mac, a box of tissues and a Fancast marathon while photo editing!

For now, a second look at a couple of favorites from my shoot with Alex. I can’t get over how much I love these images:

Seriously. We could not have had a better day. And did I mention my fabulous assistant, Andrew? Couldn’t have done this without him, either!

I think this one is my favorite:


Or, maybe this one:


Isn’t she gorgeous? And those horses. Wow!

Besides The Flu and family in town and such, I also had a chance to work with the guys at Stone Blue Productions. Tomorrow, I’ll post some images from a beautiful wedding in Lexington, Virginia that I shot as a second shooter for Stone Blue.

But for now, this is Closing. He was promised some attention in a previous post, and he’s come collecting (but if you look closely, he’s already made his appearance above):



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