Mollie: Senior Pictures

Meet Mollie: 


D2X_0165 with logo


Mollie will graduate from Sweet Briar this spring, and, fingers crossed, enter an equine therapy Master’s program so she can work with troubled kids. I hope I got that right–I thought it was pretty darn cool. She came to Virginia from Arizona, so we squeezed in a session before the leaves changed so her portraits could have the lush Virginia landscape in them. I think we pulled it off, just in time: the cool breezes last week turned a wee leaf or two orange.


_D205740 with logo

Sweet Briar’s campus is so beautiful, I had a lot of fun being back. We went to ‘the ring,’ where riding competitions take place (is it obvious I don’t know the equestrian world very well? I’m learning more with each trip to SBC!). 




We ended our session at the Boathouse, which I’d never seen before. I think, if I were a Sweet Briar girl, I would spend a lot of time sitting on the bench, enjoying the peace. Except on Thursday nights. 


This is one of my favorites, I think. Although, it’s hard to choose. 




I had so much fun with you, Mollie! Thanks for getting up super early to get the beautiful light. I think it was worth it!


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