Sneak Peek: A sweet girl, and her horse, too

Meet Alex.

I met Miss Alex bright & early this morning for the first time, after a few phone conversations and one threat-of-rain delay. Even though it was our first meeting, I felt like I knew her all along (though somehow my brain kept wanting to call her Erin, to the point of saying Alex-not-Erin once so I would keep it straight–weird). She’s just super sweet and down to earth. She was also super tired but was a great sport running around the pastures!

You can’t see it very well here, but she’s wearing the cutest horseshoe necklace, a gift from her father. 
Alex Mebane-22


The horseshoe is symbolic–she’s been around horses, one way or another, for over ten years now. Alex is a Sweet Briar girl, and she chose the college because of its equestrian program. It’s clear she loves horses and feels perfectly at ease around them. 

Meet Nassau, “her” horse on campus. He was a bit feisty, since he hadn’t had his breakfast yet. I don’t blame him! 


Alex Mebane-15


I had such an awesome morning with Alex & Nassau. We also met Closing, who you will meet in a later post. There’s more to come from this session, but I wanted to put up a quick peek!

Before I go–I can’t say enough thanks to Andrew of LoJo Photography for helping out, since Adeel was home with Miss Sofia. He was a great assistant for the shoot, but he’s also a great photographer and I think it’s safe to say you’ll see some of his work here soon!


One thought on “Sneak Peek: A sweet girl, and her horse, too

  1. this is amy from libbey family dentistry;
    hope friday night went well and that you have enjoyed your family visiting. this is a GREAT photo! you’re so talented! still would love for you to photo our family. -amy

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