Sweet days of summer

I can’t believe it’s already halfway through August! My teacher friends are already back readying their classrooms and kids were out in full force last weekend for the tax-free holiday. I’ve been piling up the peaches each week at the farmer’s market, soaking up the sun at the lake, and trying to enjoy Sofia’s first summer as much as possible!

I’ve been working with my senior portrait models for Class of 2010, and I’m excited to show a few of my favorite moments from Stephanie’s shoot. She’s running for Junior Miss this fall, too, so she’ll be busy after next week!

She brought her guitar to the studio, and even played a few as I photographed her. She’s very talented!



One of my favorite headshots–this one seems to capture her sweet personality.

We also spent some time outdoors at Community Market and even in the middle of Ninth Street, belting out some tunes into a microphone with her satin red pumps. As soon as I finish editing that batch, I’ll share a few more!

Coming up next week: a super special shoot with a Sweet Briar student that I cannot WAIT to shoot & share. It’s going to be lovely, indeed! And tonight, taking my own sweet sister out for an engagement/birthday shoot. She married my brother-in-law, Justin, nearly four years ago and never had an engagement shoot. So, for Justin’s birthday (let’s be honest, just because), I’m going out with them for a brief little session around downtown.

More to come!


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