Tom Peloso & the Virginia Sheiks

Frday was pure magic in Lynchburg. Over 200 people crammed into the patio outside Starlight Cafe in Lynchburg for the Starlight Birthday Bash and Grand Opening of Bittersweet. And the music, oh, the music. Somehow I’ve missed seeing Becca Mancari play before, which is too bad, what a treat! More photos coming shortly. And the main act was the first live performance by The Virginia Sheiks, Tom Peloso of Modest Mouse’s new project. More photos of that, as well, but I wanted to share three favorites from the night.

The first is Tom, chilling in Starlight before his act. He recently bought a home downtown and is fixin’ it up. You can read Blair Amberley of Speakertree’s full article here from yesterday’s News & Advance.

Tom Peloso, Starlight Cafe

and in action:

Tom Peloso and the Virginia Sheiks

This is David Sickmen and his son before the set. Look at those eyes:

Dave Sickmen and son

My current favorite: “Night Sky,” which you can hear, well, here. Give it a listen.


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